Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rock Me Like a Hurricane

Leaving early! Going home! A massive hurricane is headed our way and we're expecting winds at least 120km/h (that's about 75 Soviet miles per hour). Schools are closing early and so are businesses. I don't even have anything to do on any of my tickets.

Time to go home and pack. I'm moving at the end of the month.


Before I go I have to submit my evaluation and objectives. Fuck. In order to do this I have to use our Single Sign-On system which requires you sign in to Every Single Fucking Page you go to, using your full fucking E-Mail address (no copypasta allowed) and your password. The system is so hosed that I have four different passwords, and while I was able to sign into the first three fucking screens, the evaluation center decided that it didn't like any of my four passwords.

Vera's furious because she has to have this in tomorrow but I can't do a fucking thing about it. I can't contact IT to get it fixed because the system, after four tries, decided I no longer exist despite still being able to log in to the other sections... none of which allow me to fix anything.

After an hour of screwing around and following IT directions which didn't work, I finally got onto some other application which remembered me and didn't require me to enter a SSO password. That's good, except that from here I can change any and all of my passwords without any challenge. Security by fuckwits.

Each page takes at least two minutes to load and I'm required to check boxes and click OK on no fewer than three different pages. Why don't they have all possible choices on a single page? Because they're fuckwits. Half page submits fail through time-outs or 505 errors. I'm guessing the server is a wounded Atari 1040ST with 64KB RAM.

After a full wasted hour I finally have my password reset. Now I get to write exactly the same stupid appraisal and objective shit that I wrote three months ago. Exactly the same. Pointless fucking busywork, utterly useless, completely unnecessary, demanded by fuckwits.

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