Monday, January 29, 2007

Give me a Break!

If you're a programmer and you use an editor which helpfully makes long lines more readable by automatically wrapping text, make sure you turn off that feature before you check in your fucking code.
bc_lpService = this; //hive the THIS pointer;
// FIXLIST: Finalize and move to the right module, not SYSCORE.DLL

The FIXIT comment was never removed despite having, in fact, been fixed. The initialize command never took place because there was no line feed between the end of the goddamned comment and the command so the module couldn't initialise. It took three months to track this one down.

In other news, $BigAssTelco is having the same Citrix problem that everyone else using Presentation Server 4 has had. Apparently Citrix and Microsoft have short memories. Citrix told $BigAssTelco that it was Microsoft's fault and the Microsoft guy said we'd come up with a fix for other customers. Not quite.

It should be a 17. Normally I'd make it a Root Cause: 13-Unsupported/Third Party but since I need to up my defect stats it's going down as a Root Cause: 1-Defect since we have a defect associated with this behaviour.

I still have to fill out my semi-annual self-evaluation. It's the 29th and Vera's screaming for it. Unfortunately I had to change all my passwords and couldn't get into our self-eval app last week. The site on which it's done is currently down for planned maintenance. This matters not to Vera. There's no point to filling it out; whatever I write is ignored, whatever I've done is forgotten, and on a scale of 1-5 I'll inevitably be given 3s across the board, so why bother?

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