Friday, April 21, 2006


When you submit yet another Service Ticket, it's nice that you've finally learned to also send logs and screenshots when appropriate.

Except that...'re still a complete fuckwit. I'm almost speechless.

Yep. They really took photographs of their monitor and sent them in. But it gets worse.
A screenshot of my 1600x1200 dektop only results in a JPG under 500KB. I knew there was something wrong when I saw their screenshot attachments were over 3MB each. You can't get that even if you save a normal screenshot as a Windows Metafile, drop it into Word and embed that in PowerPoint.

Opening these "screen shots" revealed the answer. They took great big honking full-size, max-res 2592x1944 photographs. Of a 1280x960 Samsung monitor. That's right: more than four pixels in a photo for every pixel that the monitor had, and still the pictures were almost useless.

On a lark I opened up some photography software to read the embedded EXIF (Exchangeable Image File format) information. So I'm a geek. They took the pix with a Fuji FinePix E510 set at ISO200.

I really don't need to see all those IE Favourites, either. Why do you need a quad-Xeon server to play Bounce Out?.


Before posting this I showed it to my girlfriend, she of Serendipity fame who curretly works as a waitress. She said, "Even I'm not that stupid. I might have to ask you how to make a screenshot but I wouldn't just take a picture of the computer."

Root Cause:17 - Fuckwit



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