Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sheep != Goat

It's not only IT people dealing with 17s. Not by a longshot. Poor Alda Kalda at the Iceland Weather Report has her own, and they come in the form of major media plagiarising her as well as other sites being plain stupid.

And all of this because she wrote a little blurb about the Iceland ram groping contest in Strandir last Tuesday. I asked about the story myself because, due to the accompanying but unrelated picture, I got the feeling that the ram's nuts were being sized up. You have to understand that in Iceland they eat rams' nuts pressed into a form called HrĂștspungar. It's weird but I've had worse, most of it also in Iceland.

Anyway, the contest seems to be about groping the muscles to determine the quality of the meat while the animal's still alive. A couple commenters wrote about similar contests in the US. I guess it's good to be able to know if the livestock is high quality before you kill it so those winners can stick around a little longer to make more high-quality copies of themselves.

Look, I'm a city boy. I've lived my life in cities. Most of my knowledge about the countryside comes from having driven or ridden through it, with very little actual participation. Nevertheless, I know the difference between a lamb, a sheep, a ram and a goat. Not these fuckwits.

Meanwhile I got an urgent call on the cell phone from an idiot I'll be writing about later. I've now told him Nine. Fucking. Times.: If you install 918899 before you patch $OurBigApp, nothing will work. Do not install 918899. Patch our software. Test it. Then install the Microsot August update.

He'll be back on Monday, the fuckwit.


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