Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In a Nutshell

I don't really like to post nothing entries but I've got a tight schedule right now and this video pretty much sums it up.

Update: big thanks to Reepr for finding a repost which works.

The video's called Helpdesk i middelalderen, or "Medieval helpdesk".
Official version from NRK
The Norwegians are quite proud


Anonymous Anonymous pulled out a crayon and scribbled:


You made a fellow Tech Monkey's day. Just what I needed to bring a minor bit of happiness to my otherwise hellish workday.


20 February, 2007 17:01  
Anonymous Anonymous pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

The video's gone!

21 February, 2007 10:48  
Blogger ReallyEvilCanine pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

It's back, along with source info and a link which won't be removed since it's from the source (NRK).

27 February, 2007 17:08  
Anonymous Anonymous pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

After seeing reports of how quickly this video was getting hammered, I decided to search for an alternate version.

Thanks for the credit, just wanted to say that your blog is what inspired me to start my "Dept of Fubar" blog (as you'll notice in some of the Labels I've applied to my posts).

Also, thanks for sharing your stories of fuckwit-induced migraines, it inspires me to keep posting on days where I'd rather just bash my head against my keyboard until I pass out.

03 March, 2007 13:05  

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