Saturday, April 21, 2007

Quick Googler Updates

Vanity searches. You know you do them. So do I, not only to find out where the interest is but also to ensure that this identity doesn't appear with any of my others.

Huzzah! According to Technorati this blog is now in the top million! What an honour, and I couldn't have done it without an average 60 or so of you people who read this daily, even when I'm too busy to only write one entry a week. Over the past year I've amassed a grand total of US$0.87 with Adsense thanks to all that clicking. Life is good. Considering the limited appeal of the general subject matter and the language used to present it, I'm actually still surprised to find I get that many readers, although many of you weren't actually looking for that which you found.

I've never heard the term used before but I'm guessing that someone who works at the company with the motto "Try not to do evil but don't make a federal case about it" is called a "Googler" since I get quite a few searches from people trying to find out what an average workday is like for "Googlers". Here are some others:

landolf solaris
I mentioned a book I was reading and a particular OS in the same month. The name isn't terribly common so Teh Goog has me right under the intended Java developer's info page.

Take your pick: "citrix sucks click here", "Citrix problem", "word attachment problem in citrix", "citrix issue with windows updates", "citrix sucks", "Control-M EM on Citrix"... they all lead here, though some of them are pretty far down in the results.

That last one looks like it's a search for the guide to the BMC software which does run on Citrix: the PDF ranks number one.

If you don't leave a question in the comments, how the hell am I supposed to know what you're looking for?

free fucking with free video file.with out registration
Someone in Sweden was really bored at the office.

naked redheads
I'm around the 198th result for that due to my review of the film, Perfume. Whoever this was obviously couldn't get enough nekkid gingers, not that it's a bad thing. Au contraire!

installshield day counter
Not sure what this one ism but I think you're looking for the registry reference counter. It's in the IS docs.

I got some funky Italian searches but when I try them nothing comes up even when using the Google search compare tool. Strange.

canine life values
Huh? Is this some newage pet psychology thing?

chernobyl power point slides
The Soviets never had PowerPoint.

unblock my web bitch
This had me and Mini-Me laughing all morning.

And finally...

fallen kidneys
Three different times over the past six weeks. Some quack's out there selling snake oil. There's no such thing people. Do yourself a favour and go to real doctors who have real medical training and not these idiots with their made-up ailments and "natural remedies". You can tell who the real doctor is: he's the guy who isn't trying to talk you into buying something from him, although he often will give you a free sample or day's dosage of some medication or another.


Anonymous Anonymous pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

I especially love the product placement when "Ads by Google" at the end of your blog is for Citrix.

23 April, 2007 22:08  

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