Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quick Googler Updates

byte-order marker vi
Since you didn't leave a comment, I'm guessing you want to know how to write or view a BOM in vi. If you want to view/edit a file in hex in vi, use the [esc] :%!xxd command. Add the "-r" switch to get back to text.

To read in a Unicode file, you can specify the format by specifying a value for the infileformat variable. If there's no BOM you can use the -U option or the TK_STDIO_DEFAULT_INPUT_FORMAT and TK_STDIO_DEFAULT_OUTPUT_FORMAT environment variables to force any file to be treated in a given format (e.g., UTF-8, UTF-16 BE).

When writing files, vi uses the value of the defaultfileformat variable. The default value is determined by the -U option (if an output format is given) or the TK_STDIO_DEFAULT_OUTPUT_FORMAT environment variable. When writing to an existing file, vi uses the same format that was used to last read or write the file.

my employer doesn't use a punch clock
Lucky you, unless you have to fill out time sheets. Flextime rocks.

japanese slavegirl
You're looking at the wrong blog.

Citrix fuckking sucks
We've established this already.

dst issues with citrix presentation 4
There shouldn't be any unless you're logging everything. I'm pretty sure the OS system clock is used.

MS06-051 Corrupt Filesystem
No idea what you're looking for. Leave a comment.

"i hate phone calls"
Ditto, especially the incoming ones since it's inevitably some clueless fuckwit who wants to have a long discussion with you about things he knows nothing about yet argues with you when you try to set him straight.

codepage 8859-p1
Here is a list of ISO codepages.

mssql optimise
Move to DB2, MySQL or Oracle. You'll thank me later.

animated gif of smashing head into wall
I tried to upload that as well as the smashing-into-keyboard one, but Blogger keeps converting them to PNG format. If someone knows how to get the AniGIFs up intact, please let me know.

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Blogger Central User pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

As a non-techie I've just written a test post to Blogger and uploaded an animated gif file which appears fine (and animated) in Firefox and IE7. I did nothing special- just loaded it up as a picture in the usual way.

I was all prepared to upload the file to some anonymous webspace and to then change the HTML to point to that location, but it didn't prove necessary.

Sorry I can't be more constructive. I think I upgraded to 'New Blogger' a while back (but am not sure)- I wonder if you have?


18 March, 2007 20:22  

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