Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dante was an Optimist

Yesterday's conf call about Citrix didn't quite go as I'd expected. A feeling of dread washed over me at ten last night as I realised that I'll once again have to build a full Citrix environment for testing, completely replacing the feeling of calm which had washed over me as I'd sipped from my glass of frightfully expensive whiskey to pass the time on that call.

The matter is now officially interesting. Fuck.

It's been six months and I am no longer Mini-Me's slavedrivmentor. He's done well, very well in fact. This should reflect well upon me. I say should because I have no delusions: even though I brought a newcomer up to speed faster than anyone ever at $BigCorp, this accomplishment will be all but ignored during my review, barely rating even a mention that I was a mentor. Pula!

This isn't a terribly earth-shattering moment. I haven't been reading his communications for the past few months unless he asked me to. Hell, I've barely been watching the tickets he's been taking because he's been doing a good job, even getting a high score notification from some fuckwit with a problem so simple even Ripa could solve it unassisted inside a month. Probably. Mini-Me had the customer add some milk and eggs, then basically told her the next day that she was an idiot. She was thrilled and gushed her appreciation in the comments section.

Before getting to work on the Dark Side, preparing for another long conf call this evening, I took a look at the queue:
In our test environment the one particular log file is very huge and it is still growing. I am aware the we have set the log level to 8. Currently we have only 2 users enabled in our TEST environment and we are not doing any external activities in the application.Would be helpful if you could help us know what might be the reason for this.
She's got logging set to extra-super-maximum verbosity and diagnostics (something which can't be done by accident but which requires multiple steps and confirmations) and doesn't understand why the log file is a smidgen larger than normal? I bet she doesn't understand the "11" joke in This is Spinal Tap either.

Root Cause: 17-Fuckwit.
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