Thursday, June 15, 2006


Microsoft's 200606 patch (which includes 916281) was publicly released Tuesday morning. Some of our customers didn't turn off auto-updates and Tuesday afternoon we got another spike in our ticket count.

The problem isn't that any of the new fixes cause our software trouble, it's that that the patch also removes the 912745 compatibility patch which undid the hobbling of embedded object calls that patch 912812 imposed last month thanks to the fucking Eolas case.

We knew this was going to happen. We warned everyone about it. We have alerts up. Fuck knows I've answered enough follow-up questions about what would happen on June 13th. It seemed like every every fucknut who I'd already explained the Eolas problem to came back and asked again. Despite that they got hit. Either they didn't pay attention or they didn't warn their (l)users.

Look all over the Microsoft sites and you won't find anything about a compatibility patch this time around. Even if you have the number, you won't find any information anywhere. Go ahead and ignore me, too. Try ghugling "919010". There's no MSKB article associated with it. There's no trace of it on *

The only way to get the 919010 compatibility patch it is to go to, sign up with a MS passport account, tell them what software you have which requires this patch, give them an invitation code provided by the company which made the software which needs the patch, give them a further explanation of your situation, and wait.

I hate Microsoft.
I really hate Eolas.
I fucking despise "admins" who don't do what they're told: Disable the fucking Automatic Updates until you patch $OurBigApp!!

So far I have half a dozen tickets which need to be closed with Root Cause 17:Fuckwit.

This patch is only good until the release of the August security roll-up, after which the new compatibility fix will again be disabled. There will be no further ones. Customers must patch our software by then. They won't. That's fine by me; I already have the boilerplate response finished and I'll have no problem meeting my ticket quota for Q3.

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