Friday, May 04, 2007

Procastination Nation

Back a few months ago, everyone was scrambling to get Daylight Savings Time patches installed. The patches themselves were buggy but better than nothing. Most companies only had from a few days to a maximum of three months' lead time to get things sorted.

Smart admins aren't in any rush to install the latest and greatest software. It took over a year and a Service Pack before companies even started rolling out XP to desktops. Due to the nature of our software and the testing required before roll-out (as well as the regulations which govern many of our customers), we might release three more patches before any company rolls out the earlier one. Patches rarely have deadlines. Fixes often do.
Help! We have an issue where 3000 users are unable to log in to the $YourBigApp as highlighted in Notice NSA-740.

We implemented the workaround supplied:
Use the Active Directory Group Policy Editor to set the MaxPasswordAge policy to a high value such as 999 days. After making this change you may need to force a refresh of the policy.

Bobby had a problem with Single Sign-on functionality. He didn't have time to implement some changes which would allow it to work in his specific environment and one of our monkeys gave him a work-around to buy him some time: modify the Active Directory expiration. Simple, sound, functional. What more could you ask from a monkey?

Today we have reached the 999 day anniversary of the above workaround and our users are not able to log in.

Can you please instruct me on how we can efficiently change all 3000 user accounts WITHOUT implementing workaround 2 which would take a very long time.

Umm... quit surfing the pr0n sites already and do your fucking job?! You had almost three years to fix this, you tard!

Resolution: Make the fix.
Ticket force-closed.
Root Cause: 17-Fuckwit.
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