Sunday, November 19, 2006

Quick Googler Updates:

My business trip from hell is almost over. Posting shall resume presently. Meanwhile...

Whoever searched for CRACK, the file is a hash plus directory location and version numbers, nothing more. You can delete lines that are causing problems if you've uninstalled the software but if you need to change it, you're pretty much hosed. InstallShield doesn't give out too much information about the hash function other than to say you need to use the API, but you can try to find more on the InstallShield forums.

To the person who searched Can My employer monitor my home router vpn, possibly, but in general it's more trouble than it's worth. Companies generally just block the ports you need to access your private VPN; $MegaCorp sure as hell does.

Finally, for the guy who wants to know about "Internet Explorer 7" and "silent uninstall", the only method I know is doing it manually through the Add/Remove Programs control panel applet. The problem here is that IE7 is treated as an OS update, not a stand-alone software package. You have to check the "Show Updates" box just to display the package. If I find a method I'll post it but since I expect we'll be supporting this soon, I have little reason to expend the effort on this.


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