Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If Zeus Wills It

I was an outcast as a kid. I tried to watch some of the TV shows the other kids talked about but they generally sucked. Rerun and his schtick from What's Happening got old, fast. Diff'rent Strokes? Yeah, right. Stroke this! No, I spent my time playing pinball and video games, programming or hacking on my Atari 800, or reading the most obscure shit I could find in the public library.

Looking for this was my form of protest against the horrible books the school library had and the even worse books which normally made it to our assigned reading lists. Fuck Dickens. If he were alive today he'd surely be working as a freelance technical writer, pounding out eight pages where two lines would suffice.

In my search for obscure books I was led to Epictetus. I read The Manual and was struck by its insight and relevance. While I didn't know the philosophical terms "Prohairesis" and "Dihairesis", I did grok the content:
Lead thou me on, O Zeus, and Destiny,
To that goal long ago to me assigned.
I'll follow and not falter; if my will
Prove weak and craven, still I'll follow on.
It was exactly this quote that came to mind as I sit for hours trying to install the new version of $OurBigApp. By Zeus I will get it installed, even if that means sweating in a hot room connected via VPN to a virtual server via Terminal Services.

I have the latest build of our spiffy new version 4. It's final beta. It still fights me every step of the way during installation.

I finally got it working... sort of. Enough to at least test a few functions. I fired up the client and watched as our hot-as-hell, super-cool, A-number-one, Super-Duper VERSION 4 software throwing up the splash screen with the old, giant version 3.X logo. In a shipping beta.

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