Monday, September 24, 2007


Sunday afternoon I was at Oktoberfest in the Hacker Festzelt. I would've preferred to be in Augustiner but I had 2 chicken and 3 beer tickets for Hacker. We managed to actually find seats and got our first beers within 10 minutes. An hour later there was a commotion at the other end of the table_ I watched as a woman grabbed a full €8 Maß of beer, dumping it on a girl who was in their group. Then I smelled the reason: the girl's satin dirndl had caught fire.

The girl was completely distraught. Not only had she borrowed the dirndl from a friend, it was worth over €800. The thing hadn't gone up in flames and actually looked salvageable, most of the damage having taken place in the area that the apron normally covers. But there she sat; upset, crying, almost in mourning.

After more than half an hour of seeing her crying to one woman in her group after another, I grabbed a napkin left over from our chickens and wrote her a note: "Be happy. You weren't hurt. You can buy material but not skin. Look to your right."

She smiled a bit, then looked left to the next table. A tourist in a tank top was dancing and singing, arms, neck and back covered in keloids, the victim of a vicious burn. Satin dirndl girl smiled again and finally got back to drinking and enjoying herself. While she then thanked me, she couldn't help reminding me that the dirndl cost €800 and wasn't even hers.

I'm earn very good money, I get a lot of paid vacation each year, I have flexi-time, and I can usually spend a considerable percentage of my day reading Teh OMGLOLFunnay on the Intarwebs. The fuckwits drive me up a wall but without them I might have to do real work. I will now send a polite response to two different fuckwits explaining that storing the UTC date in the database is, in fact, a very good idea when correct time stamps worldwide are of the utmost importance to a business, without which said business would be shut down, and that if they want third party applications to access the data then those third-party companies should fucking learn how to deal with time zones.

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