Thursday, December 13, 2007

Battleground Europe?

So I'm looking through the referrers and see a spike from Slashdot because, well, I wrote a decent comment which was uprated quickly. Fair enough, but the spike was higher than I'dseen in the past. I looked further and saw just as many referrers from .

Battleground Europe? Dunno it. <click>

You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page.

I'm not logged in because I'm not a member. No problem, I'll sign up.

Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.

Guess not.

So someone wrote something about my blog, referred to a particular post, and I have no fucking idea what was interesting enough to get that kind of response. I don't know whether it's for something helpful or insightful I wrote about Windows' internal workings, how to download the Sun JRE, or if perhaps someone on the forum claimed that I'm the devil incarnate and others are just checking out the blog to confirm this before joining the pitchfork-wielding mob.

Don't get me wrong: I appreciate the response. I'd just like to know what it's in response to. And why.

If someone from BE could either paste the post that points here or better yet, mail me the contents of the thread, I'd seriously appreciate it. If you're all sworn to secrecy or something I promise not to tell. This is purely for my own edification, though the more I know about what people like to read, the more I can write in that direction.

Unless, of course, you really are with the pitchfork crowd, in which case I'd probably call you a fuckwit, although I'd be more than happy to debate you on whatever topic it is you want to string me up over. Maybe I'm the fuckwit. Stranger things have happened. Hell, I even ate Icelandic rotten shark a second time. And, truth be told, a third as well.

Anyway, back to some private life stuff. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to post a comment.


Blogger bloo pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

A player and community volunteer of ours enjoyed your blog and recommended it to us, and posted a link in our Off Topic forums.

It was the "Adam's sin" text.

Access to our forums requires a subscription, so registration is handled by the billing and authorization system, not the forum software.


13 December, 2007 22:24  
Anonymous Anonymous pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

I only wish my employee subscription didn't allow me to go in that particular forum.

13 December, 2007 22:52  
Blogger Krenn / Jason pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

Sorry, that would be me - I had come across the "Logic" demotivator, and wanted to share it/lightly troll our Off Topic forum there. Being lazy (and the file manager for my personal hosting on the fritz) I tried a direct image link with no joy, so I then converted it to a link to that posting.

14 December, 2007 00:35  

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