Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fuck You, Lufthansa! Thank You, USAir!

I really have to stop answering the phone when my brother calls. It's never good news. Yesterday my favourite uncle died. The funeral should've been today but has been pushed back to Thursday to allow a lot of relatives who live far away to get there, like me in Munich and Sis in France.

Apparently European airlines don't offer bereavement fares anymore except for travel originating in the US or Canada. I was looking at ticket prices starting at over €1400. I'd used every Web service and found nothing so I started making phone calls. Since the EU offices of many airlines were already closed and because they charge €0.12-0.28 per minute for the privilege of talking to them in order to give them more money and pay an additional "service charge" for that privilege, I opted to call the US offices.

It was a no-go on all accounts. The only option was to call the EU offices. Lufthansa gave me a number that was supposed to be manned until at least 8:00 p.m. I called, and for the low, low price of around €0.16/minute, I sat on hold for almost 10 minutes. Then someone answered.

While I was staring at my monitor and seeing prices from €1300 to over €5000 for steerage class, the woman quoted me a ticket from Munich to $City for €3300. WTF?

"Yes, that would cost you €3300 including fees and surcharges."
"I'm looking at airlines here offering one third that price!"
"If you stay over through Saturday the price becomes much lower."
"I'm not going on vacation here. I'm going to a funeral. I also can't take that much time off two different jobs."
"Well your ticket would be cheaper if you would book your flight at least three weeks in advance."

I should book a flight for a funeral in advance. Three weeks in advance. No fucking wonder they don't let us have guns here in Germany. I swear if I ever meet that cunt I'll clobber her.

You complete and utter fuckwit. Go die.

With time running out today I managed to get a bereavement flight for me and for my sister with USAir for a total cost under €1300, and direct to $City instead of to Newark, sparing us a three-hour drive each way.

Fuckwits everywhere.

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Anonymous Anonymous pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

You are completely right. I am austrian, my mothers german and I have been living in germany most of my life. It is the country of lawyers and assholes. Now my story. On occasion of the 65+ B-DAY OF MY MOM she AND DAD THOUGHT it might be a good idea to take a homemade cake back home. They were refuse to take that cake with them as hand luggage - fuck. They had to check this nice and innocent cake in as luggage, of course it ended up as apile of shit. HOW MUCH power do you want to further attribute to some fucking loosers standing at the check in gate and fucking around with clients. These people are so stupid, nobody would let them do anything real, but they´ll do as security on the airport - of course. Abuse of power - fucking lufthansa nazis. There is no legitimate reasoning behind it, except the medial abuse of some terrorist attacks and the hype that goes with it,, FUCK FUCK FUCK - The tail is waggling with the dog.... Who pays these fucking pavians.

25 February, 2007 21:22  
Anonymous Anonymous pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

you should try working for the bastards so stuck up and know everything.If you knew what servicing is done on their short/medium haul fleet you wouldn´t pay 1 cent to sit in the aircraft never mind fly in it,and what´s worse they get away with it

30 January, 2008 23:01  

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