Friday, September 22, 2006

Quick Googler Updates: Citrix via Google

To the Citrix googlers who come here: "I hate Citrix" is my number one search referrer.

I had a few Citrix searches in the past 24 hours: "citrix problem win2k", "how to run everything on citrix" and '"citrix problems" speed latency'. If you don't post a comment and tell me the problem, I can't tell you the solution.

For "citrix problem win2k": Are you sure it's the platform? Citrix changed considerably between Presentation Server 3 and Presentation Server 4. Certain commands aren't passed because this gives a slight performance gain since Citrix believes they're "superfluous".

For "how to run everything on citrix": Why the hell do you want to do that? Is your intent to run current apps on cheap-ass three-year-old equipment via a coulpe servers?

For '"citrix problems" speed latency': Citrix dies like a dog with high latency and retransmits. If you have the QOS equipment you can try shaping your traffic to give Citrix priority but if you can't keep latency down, you can't use Citrix. One measure which might help is increasing the MouseTimer and Keyboardtimer values to cut down on the number of packets being sent. You want to read this document.

You got questions? Put them in the comments of the most recent entry or just mail me. I check the mailbox at least once a week.


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