Thursday, May 10, 2007

No Rest for the ReallyEvil


Have you not noticed that my productivity has dropped by about half since I was transferred to your group? You sure as shit notice all the escalations that are coming in on my tickets. Have you stopped to ask yourself why this might be?


Sit your ultramicromanaging ass back down in your comfy chair and get back to writing your useless fucking 12-page management-speak presentations which have less actual content than a 7-year-old's blog and let my do my fucking work!

There is no fucking reason in the world that I need to respond to every fucking mail you send out. There is no fucking reason for you to send 25 mails a day about the same goddamned ticket -- I can't do a fucking thing until the customer WAKES THE FUCK UP, GOES TO HIS FUCKING OFFICE IN OKLAHOMA SEVEN HOURS BEHIND US AND ANSWERS MY LAST FUCKING UPDATE. There is
no fucking reason for you to sit over my shoulder like a fucking vulture, interrupting me while I'm building four different environments using one machine to connect to three slow-in-the-geological-sense virtual servers while at the same time answering a completely different ticket on another computer. There is
no fucking reason that fully half of all my keypresses should go to answering mail you've sent me.

No. Fucking. Reason. in the world.

Stop it. These constant interruptions -- along with two "meetings" a day to chew me out for my lack of responsiveness which "we" talked about in the previous "meeting" -- only serve to send me in a downward spiral from which I can't escape unless I stop taking any tickets whatsoever, because while you're busy chewing me out and then sending me two dozen mails asking me "where we stand" with each customer I'm dealing with, I'm not actually DEALING with them. Why can't you understand this?!

Leave me the fuck alone! Go to your office, stay away from the CubeDesk of Hate, and watch customer satisfaction once again soar. Or don't, and watch our people drown in the additional load that I'm not taking.

Now, back to the fucking Citrix install. Yes, Citrix. I'm turning to the Even Darker Side. I have my reasons.

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Blogger AAhelp pulled out a crayon and scribbled:

Ummm, while you're at it, how about the cover page on that TPS report?... Ummmm, if you could just go ahead and have that done by lunch? Yes, I know it's Saturday.
Oh, yes, and this is Bob... Ummm...

11 May, 2007 07:18  

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