Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Screenshots, Part Duh

My attempts to sleep last night were constantly interrupted by the sound of V1 attacks caused by the almost futile attempts of someone who shares the bed with me to continue being able to breathe. I'm feeling some effects but it's not quite the hell I'd expected.

The building is taking care of that, though. It's getting too hot to think in here in $MegaCorp's giant greenhouse, and being on the sunny side doesn't help. Why don't I move to the dark wing? Ripa sits there.

When I send you an explicit command to be run, follow my directions.

"Open a command window (Start: Run: cmd) and execute the following statement:
dir c:\windows\fonts >> fonts.txt

How difficult is that?

Quite, apparently. I knew there was a problem yesterday when I saw the size of the file they sent back. We all know how bloated Microsoft Word files can be, but the text listing of a couple hundred fonts can hardly bulk up a doc file to 2MB.

Screenshots. Of the fonts directory. With icons displayed rather than details.

This one's both not quite as bad as the last time and at the same time worse. The pictures were at least somewhat legible and certainly a more managable size, but they give me absolutely no information whatsoever about the fonts. Nothing. Names are cut off and there's no indication of file sizes.

I managed to convince them that I actually needed a text listing and asked them again to please run the command as I'd asked before. What was waiting for me when I got in today? Another doc file, but at 30K, it's possible they did what I'd asked.

The font I need information on is Batang which sounds remarkably similar to the noise my head makes as I thump it repeatedly into that spot in front of my keyboard.

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